What is

The Promise of Love?

The Promise of Love is a process established to help everyday people find true love.  It's simple and repeatable, and will challenge your faith.  As with the most rewarding things in life, fortune favors the faithful.


Worldly views sell us on infatuation, but The Promise will help you establish enduring love for the right reasons before your feelings get in the way of objectivity.  We're here to:


  • help you find the right couplehood,

  • save your marriage before it starts, and/or

  • help restore your troubled marriage.



Our core process works great if you're single or divorced, but what if you've already fallen in love with that special someone, or what if you married them already?!  We also offer the tools to help you save your marriage before it starts, and to rekindle a loving marriage from the pits of despair.


This process isn't magic; it's neither trickery nor manipulation.  It is the process that was given to us before we met, and we followed it obediently to find what we had always been looking for.  Read our story here.


What are you hoping to do?


Date with a Purpose

You can see it, and it's closer than you think!  You're with someone who aligns with your desires and respects your needs.

A dream? 

Let's make it a reality, for you!

Find Confirmation

Your relationship is serious,

but how deep is your love?

The best relationship coaching is provided before issues arise, and helps you to

discover purpose and clarity.

Prevail after Divorce

You have a chance, right now, to rise above the struggles of a challenged marriage.

Build a love on the foundation of The Promise to find confidence in love that was meant for you!

Let's do it right this time.

Mend your Marriage

Ready to restore your marriage?

If you have the heart, working through this will be beautifully rewarding.


This isn't going to be easy, but the process will help you rediscover each other!


Mastering our Love Story

Fall, 2015:

Robert entered into the darkest segment of his life. After enduring a devastating divorce and taking years to recover and stabilize, he walked away from superficial dating to refocus on finding a lasting connection, and set out to find love.  It seemed the world, especially the Internet, was saturated with 'experts' who have all the answers for single men.  "I see now that they were all deceptive schemes, intended to manipulate women", Robert admits.   "I ignored those schemes to practice altruistic sincerity, and had my heart shattered right before my eyes."  It's in this dark time that he hit rock-bottom in his relationship story and was given "The Promise".

Winter, 2016:

Just as Robert was enduring his night season, Winona (Lynne) entered hers. She had been a devoted, loyal, and supportive wife, but found herself all by herself after her husband of 14 years abandoned her for another woman.  Despite being full of faith, she was also full of anguish.  Deep in a pit of despair, she fashioned a latter with her sisters-in-Christ as support and the Words of God as the rungs. Elevated by His grace, she found herself stronger, focused, and confident to try again, just in time to meet Robert.

"Romance simply would not work out for me until I received The Promise," Robert says.  "The mistakes I made in trusting others... in trusting myself... I realized my reverence for relationships was wrong.  That wrongness nearly led to my undoing."

"My hardship in love made me realize how foolish I was, but when I submitted to this process, the woman of my dreams, Lynne, found me!"  When Lynne & Rob compared their brokenness and recovery experiences, they realized they had followed the same steps! "Separately, we developed a passion to help save marriages, even before they start. Together, we accept our purpose to help as many people as we can reach, and to teach the process that brought us together."

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