Find True Love


Yes, indeed, there is a defined process, a repeatable process to help you finally have success in love without relying on "getting lucky".  It's the same process we followed in faith to find each other.  This process sets the foundation for lifelong love as we continue to fight for lasting marriages.

What?!  You might say, "Hey look, I'm still single!  Marriage isn't even in the discussion right now!"  We get it, but we do believe that saving marriages as early as possible starts in the heart of the single.



Five Steps to Find True Love

Step 1: Foundation

In this step, we’ll take a close look at your mindset.  Your intentions represent the core foundation for finding true love.

Step 2: Validation

Most of us have endured heartbreak from deep relationships.  This happens because we look for happiness through others without truly knowing ourselves.  We compound the problem by repeating the cycle with hopes of getting lucky in love next time around.  This step explores your past relationships, releases you from them, and establishes a nonnegotiable portrait of yourself to present to the love of your life.

Step 3: Preparation

Get away from the notion that there is one person who’s right for you.  That would be terribly limiting of God, now wouldn't it?!  This step will make your journey less daunting and much more fun!


Many of us set out in search of someone special with notions such as, “I want to find someone who makes me happy”, “I want to find someone who has their life together”, or “I want to find someone who loves me for me”.  These are great desires, but we can do better than fluffy ambiguity.  This step will help you become more focused and help you identify your special someone with confidence.  Stop playing roulette in love because your life is on the line.

Step 4: Inspiration

True love is based on truth; truth is light and it is time to shed light on anything and everything that can bond or break you.


By this step, you have found someone who is intriguing to you, and it's time to uncover truths about your new love.  Early discovery is key to longevity. Be not afraid of sharing and seeing your respective faults and pasts.  Actually, be more afraid of whatever remains in the dark.  What you learn in this step about each other will give you the confidence to go the distance, or the revelation that you are meant for different paths. Embrace truth!

Step 5: Confirmation

SOLD!!! You've found your perfect love!  However, in the process you have fallen head-over-heals and lost all objectivity.  (Sound familiar?)  You now have a great set of tools to help you make objective decisions in love.  Apply them!  Use your training to establish Lifelong Love!

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