Your Path Awaits

We understand...

Whether you're single, dating, divorced, or even married, thinking of the future can be a bit unsettling because it's unknown.

Can you find true love?

Do you already have it?

Does it even exist???

After nearly two decades of marriage respectively, heart-breaking divorces, then years navigating the waters of dating, we each recognized a world with a declining interest in godly marriage.  Wanting to avoid the same traps of our past, we each followed this "Promise of Love" process to find each other.

We vowed that our marriage would help people just like you find healthy and lasting relationships.  We know in our hearts that our marriage was established to:

  1. Help singles find the right couplehood,

  2. Help couples make the right decisions, and 

  3. Help struggling marriages reignite.

In other words, we're here to help save marriages, even before they start.

Promise of Love.png